Saturday, 23 February 2013

Chiku Seed Jewellery

Chiku Seed Jewellery_

Though I am from a jewellers family this is my first design in jewellery & that too with chiku seeds, gold is too expensive you see.

Full natural, sturdy & a weapon, the seeds are filled with gun powder, you just need to pluck it from the necklace & through it...Booooom >>>O<<< ;)



Forget about every thing... now I know how to tie a pony ;)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Romanticising Orange

Romanticizing Orange_

Orange rice_Creativity in food flourish when you are left with just few things to make your dinner. I was left with orange & rice. 

Step 1: Ingredients 
Red rice
Olive oil
Coriander seeds
Orange zest 
Orange juice 
Black pepper 
Mustard seeds
Cumin seeds 
Fresh mint
Fresh coriander 
Cashew nut
& Olives 

Step 2: Boil red rice until cooked 

Step 3: Extract orange juice through your hands, believe me its the best natural feeling u get ;)

Step 3: Grind ginger, black pepper & cardamon fine in kootani

Step 4: Dice onion, orange zest, olives, mint & coriander fine

Step 5: Simmer olive oil 

Step 6: Add coriander seeds 

Step 7: Add mustard seeds, Cumin seeds & fine powder from the kootani

Step 8: Add cashew nuts 

Step 9: Add salt & sugar 

Step 10: Add orange pieces along with orange juice & orange zest 

Step 11: Mix the orange mix & rice, top it up with olives, mint & coriander 

Yummy orange rice

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Foot Ball Team_

The Team
Player 01 
Player 02 
Player 03
Player 04
Player 05 
Player 06
Player 07

Player 08