Monday, 28 January 2013

Seed pod chandelier_

Some times the craft need not be complex, simpler design & executions has its own charm, this one flows & makes heart warming music. 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Chai Masala

All treasures are hidden with the old & this golden secret chai masala recipe is from my nani, mami & my favorite bhabi. The proportions mention below are as original as described by them & they are beautifully perfect ;) 

Ingredient-Clove, Cardamon, Black Pepper, Cinnamon & Dried Ginger 

Clove same amount as Cardamon 

Cardamon same amount as Clove 

Black Pepper-a little more

Cinnamon-a small piece to add smell 

Dried Ginger-a little less

Take your favorite kootdani

Grind the spices to fine powder

Yes let some of it spill out, it looks beautiful & shows that you are really working & not just pretending

 To maintain the aroma of the masala keep it an air tight bottle

Today I had 4 cups of tea in one single day & I cant believe it & neither I can sleep so might will have one more of it ;) Enjoy... 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Gandhian Chai

This one is for all the Tea/Coffee lovers...

We all agree that Tea/Coffee has been an integral part of our lifestyles 
without which nothing moves.
Even the police asks for chai-pani :O

In olden days Tea/Coffee were an occasional drink 
to celebrate special events.
Now we drink Tea/Coffee 
to stay awake from sleeping in office ;)

Get set po...

Step 1: Ingredients 

Whole wheat 
Warm water
Warm Milk
Frying pan
Kootani (stone grinder)
Your favorite cup &
Gandhian attitude 

Step 2: Fry the whole wheat on the frying pan 

Its magical, as if they have life, they start jumping as they start heating up 


Step 3: Fry until they become dark reddish in color 

Step 4: Grind it to fine powder in the Kootani

Step 5: Add tea spoon powder in your favorite cup, add sugar,
Pour 1/4 warm water & fill the rest with warm milk
Stir it up

You will be imagining how it might taste but trust this Gandhian recipe
it improvises blood, its nutritious & its indeed tasty

Just Try Madi...

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Angoor ki sabjee han angoor ki sabjee
(Green grapes vegetable yes green grapes vegetable)

The english translation is for my international fan following.

Preparing this king choice vegetable which is a bit sweet in taste 
in my today's situation is like eating sandwich before a war. 
Moving into a new house with all the dead weight I have collected is a war.

Firstly one has to buy green grapes for 60 Rs/kg yes, not for the war for the cooking.

Step 1: Ingredients for 1 mean person & a no little bunny this time, they don't like grapes you see

Grapes 1/2 Kg [The rest one should eat plucking from the stem directly & not having it in a bowl as taught]
Beaten curd
Mustard seeds
Cumin seeds
Turmeric powder
Red chilly powder
Coriander powder
Step 2: Heat the oil in a pot

Step 3: Add mustard seeds, let it bounce

Step 4: Add Cumin seeds, fry for a second

Step 5: Sprinkle red chilly, turmeric & coriander powder & fry for a second

Step 6: Add a little water

Step 7: Add curd & stir continuously or else the curd will blast
Note: The english translation is for my international fan following.

Step 8: Once the mixture starts boiling add grapes while stirring continuously

Step 9: Add sugar while continuously stirring

Clinch one grape out of the hot mixture & eat to see whether the grapes are cooked or not cooked.

Step 10: Once cooked take the pot off the fire & add salt (to avoid the blasting of curd salt is put at the last stage)

Enjoy kings choice vegetable

Secrete: For rotis if one adds a little rice flour to the multi grain flour then the rotis become crispy.