Thursday, 10 January 2013

Gandhian Chai

This one is for all the Tea/Coffee lovers...

We all agree that Tea/Coffee has been an integral part of our lifestyles 
without which nothing moves.
Even the police asks for chai-pani :O

In olden days Tea/Coffee were an occasional drink 
to celebrate special events.
Now we drink Tea/Coffee 
to stay awake from sleeping in office ;)

Get set po...

Step 1: Ingredients 

Whole wheat 
Warm water
Warm Milk
Frying pan
Kootani (stone grinder)
Your favorite cup &
Gandhian attitude 

Step 2: Fry the whole wheat on the frying pan 

Its magical, as if they have life, they start jumping as they start heating up 


Step 3: Fry until they become dark reddish in color 

Step 4: Grind it to fine powder in the Kootani

Step 5: Add tea spoon powder in your favorite cup, add sugar,
Pour 1/4 warm water & fill the rest with warm milk
Stir it up

You will be imagining how it might taste but trust this Gandhian recipe
it improvises blood, its nutritious & its indeed tasty

Just Try Madi...


  1. This isn't even fried in ghee! I cannot believe it. You bring me little when we meet next :-P
    But disbelief aside, this is very beautifully shown and photographed.

  2. Tomorrow for sure ;) Thank you Priya,
    All just happening, great you advised me to work that day ;)

  3. This was absolutely wonderful and delicious. Thank you for the gift of the Gandhi Chai powder and for making it for me. I will be drinking this everyday :-)

  4. Ha ha u sud drink when ever you feel Priya ;)
    give me some business, buy the packet from me
    & ask your friends too,
    I will be rich yaar ;)

  5. Oy, I just made an entire bottle of Gandhi Chai powder for myself. I might start selling it before you!!!

    1. No...why you kicking my stomach, its my retirement plan ;)
      my stock is over, lend me some...;)