Sunday, 13 January 2013

Chai Masala

All treasures are hidden with the old & this golden secret chai masala recipe is from my nani, mami & my favorite bhabi. The proportions mention below are as original as described by them & they are beautifully perfect ;) 

Ingredient-Clove, Cardamon, Black Pepper, Cinnamon & Dried Ginger 

Clove same amount as Cardamon 

Cardamon same amount as Clove 

Black Pepper-a little more

Cinnamon-a small piece to add smell 

Dried Ginger-a little less

Take your favorite kootdani

Grind the spices to fine powder

Yes let some of it spill out, it looks beautiful & shows that you are really working & not just pretending

 To maintain the aroma of the masala keep it an air tight bottle

Today I had 4 cups of tea in one single day & I cant believe it & neither I can sleep so might will have one more of it ;) Enjoy... 


  1. 4 cups of tea? That is 2 entire packets of FULL FAT Good Life milk!!! OMG!
    But on the other hand, you must drink all that delicious chai to celebrate another beautiful blog post. I simply love the gold lettering and the illustrations. Clap clap clap clap....

    1. Its only 3/4 of milk per cup, its difficult to hv the half half proportion for me I guess. Thank you priya ;)

  2. Ah I see Ms. Priya here! A small Bangalore world after all!!!

    Should give it a try!

    1. Ah! really small world,
      Chai masala is our heritage I say,
      I discovered it now...

  3. Love the illustrations with the spices. So creative, Wonderful !! I'm enjoying looking through your blog !

    1. Thank you Lupen, Its really great to here from you.
      I felt ur blog is very delicately crafted & romantic,
      I hv not seen photographs like these before, very stunning work.
      Feels very nice to discover ur work ;) keep it going.

  4. What a cool combo of art and photography. Loved this one too. Yet to try the CM recipe, but visuals sure look droolicious! :D

    1. Thanks Dinesh, try it out its superb.
      I lived all my life around it but
      came to try out myself now only ;)