Saturday, 29 December 2012

Gajar ka halwa with little bunny

I sometimes feel my brain has moved to my legs,
when ever I walk I get nice ideas, this one for example...

Gajar ka halwa with little bunny (all veg)

Step 1. Ingredients for 1 mean person & a little bunny

3 carrots 
(out of it 1/2 carrot one should eat is raw in order to provide an indicate to ones stomachs that  gajar ka halwa is coming in so that the stomach can do the pre-preparation)
1 lt. milk
1/2 tea spoon malai
Little Bunny (fresh)

Step 2. Boil the milk 

Keep boiling it & stirring occasionally...

Step 3. On the side wash the carrots, peal its skin, grate them (grating ones fingers along with the carrot does not add to the taste so better keep them off)
Add grated carrot to the boiling milk.

Keep boiling & stirring occasionally. 

At this point the little bunny will try to hoop on to his favourite carrots, keep him away for some time, next is his turn to go in anyway...

Step 4. Lure the little bunny with the carrots & slip him in the boiling pot smoothly...

You people with non-veg instincts can't you think of any thing else? keep your hands off the little bunny... He is here for a kind purpose. Lets go back on Step 4.

Step 4. Drop in 1/2 tea spoon malai, continue boiling till the milk is completely absorbed by the carrots. Stir occasionally.

Step 5. When the milk is completely absorbed by the carrot add in sugar to taste & stir until  it melts in (secrete ingredient here-adding a bit to jaggery will brig in a light creme colour to the halwa with smooth taste).

Step 6. Take it off the gas, sprinkle cardamom & dry fruits. Cutting almond in fine slices adds to taste & proves that one is a professional killer. 

Step 7. Serve hot, one for oneself & one for the little bunny ;)

Once one completes this kind purpose of serving the little bunny one can go back to Step 4 (red & orange colour illustration) and do the undone as illustrated...enjoy Gajar ka halwa with little bunny.


  1. Loved the illustrations and the not-so-subtle humor.Keep up the walking and the creativity flowing.

  2. Dips, thank you ;)
    It was an experiment to start with,
    more witty humor to come...

  3. Next time use this creativity for Marwadi Masala Chai ;-)
    When I make it, it is never as perfect as yours.

    1. Priya next time u make it & I will oversee,
      then you you shall make it perfect always ;)
      Gandhis' chai recipe yet to taste. sooner.

  4. Prashant you are on a rolllll!!!! Very very kicked to see these new & uber creative posts - Keep it coming!!
    I think you might even tempt a non-cook like me into some kitchen experiments :) :)

    1. This one just came out of the blue ;)
      But its turning up nice
      Vineeta you should try some of these
      or else I shall cook for you one day ;)
      Cooking gives a fruitful experience
      Thank you for your encouragement,
      I feel wonderful to here from you ;)

  5. Hey Prashant! First time on your new blog, and i must say it's VERY IMPRESSIVE! Love this post, the first that i read. Will got thru the others. Awesome presentation, artwork and writing, dude. Will be dropping in more, for sure :D Cheers!

    1. Thank you Dinesh ;) This was the first recipe stuff that started in my mind.
      More to come.