Friday, 15 March 2013

How to make your own Rain Cloud_


It all started in Coorg...
I discovered how the natural things when used naturally they look beautiful & taste heavenly.
First time ate freshly plucked green pepper & oh my girls what heavenly it feels I can't tell.

Raw green pepper stick 
(plucked fresh from the pepper plant that rolls beautifully around the tree)
Green chilly 
Mustard seeds 
Salt (that is the only agent that's going to do all the magic) 
& a beautiful crystal jar

Wash them all nicely,
give them some sun bath,
let the water evaporate (someday it will make a cloud & rain on you ;)
cut the pepper stick into 4 parts,
lemon into 4 quarters,
dissect chilly into 4 & remove its intestines.

Place them delicately in the beautiful crystal jar,
add mustard seeds, salt,
squeeze some lemon juice on to them & 
let the squeezed lemon pieces jump into the jar,
they all are family you see, let them rot together.

Keep them for days & days.
OK, don't be so cruel, 10-12 days are enough to teach them a lesson.
During this torture keep them shaking up daily,
let the salt do the magic on all their bits & pieces.

Ah! I cant take it any more...
lets eat them now with curd rice & oh my girls...its heaven ;)


  1. That last frame is genius. I would just frame it and put it up on my wall. Stunning work. I'm loving each and every post on this blog. You are having fun & the work is so fresh!
    Very inspiring Prashant. Just keep this up. Truly brilliant work.

    1. Really thank you Vineeta ;) Your encouragement means a lot.
      Trying to come up with things hidden deep within me,
      m amused too ;)