Monday, 12 January 2015

Recipe to Passion  

Being passionate is a gift.Passion keeps oneself on the edge,
Wanting to explore newness,
To take the road unknown...
Discovering, Changing, Evolving at every moment.

Presenting 'Recipe to Passion'Focusing on People and their unique 
love to do things called Passion.

Ameeta Sharma Menon close friend from college time, now a family shares her passion 'Life on your table' with us exclusive on 220v of Love.

'Life on your table' started as an hobby for Ameeta 2 years ago whilst she was still working full time as an Architect. She was instantly hooked by the tactile nature of the craft. Working with her hands and making something beautiful, organic and sustainable.

How did this live and beautiful idea come into existence? 
I used to always come across clients, friends who didn’t know or want to take much care of a plant but still wanted it indoors around them, this lead me to researching a whole lot of things until I finally came across the art and science of making terrariums. I researched for the longest time, looking for books, people etc who could tell me more about it. Unfortunately there is not much info in India on this science, probably world over it’s a losing art with only a select few getting into it.

From there on I started experimenting with various methods/ingredients/types of plants etc. that gelled well together. Throughout this process my friends/clients, anyone who saw these experimental pieces asked me if they were on sale... a chance and inspiring dinner with Sudhir Sharma(the man behind INDI design) lead to the actual conception of these pieces as products with a brand identity as Life on your table.

What challenges did you face during its making?
Getting all parts of the puzzle right to get this product.
I had to look for the exact plant types which are not commonly available, the growing duration for them and make them look like an actual miniature garden. It took me over 2-3 years to get these things together and I think it’s still evolving and I still experiment.

What inspires you to think fresh, think new?
Inspiration to me comes from the smaller and simpler things in life. A stroll in the mundane markets, observing people works most of the time. Or it is from just being alone and self analysizing and thinking and rethinking that creates a breakthrough inspiration.

How/from whom you got this connection with plants and gardening?
Well I was always exposed to gardening since my childhood, thanks to my Mom n Dad. They have seen and grown every single kind of plant/ tree be it fruits, vegetables or just flower of every kind over the past 15 years at my Bombay home. So Gardening comes naturally to me. Thereafter being an architect and doing landscapes at that, I think I have learnt a lot.

Do you find any changes/development within yourself due to gardening?
Well I find Solace in gardening. It’s meditative to me now.

What is your belief?
Everything happens for a reason... i like to believe in a cosmic energy that is over and above our understanding and we are just running to be one with it.

What were the situation/people that influenced you?
Design always influences design. And I am lucky to be surrounded by designer friends and colleagues. So discussions with them on random design issues leads to me getting influenced in my chain of thought. It's the understanding and synchronizing of wavelengths that leads to new situations and outcomes of design. Other than that travelling and meeting new people is also a major catalyst and influence.

Any discoveries along the way that you would like to share!
Never give up!

What amuses you?
How times change, people change, circumstances change but the ones that are true to the heart always remain the same.

Do you have a schedule, how it goes?
I don’t have a very strict schedule on a day to day basis other than my 2 cups of coffee (morn n eve). I just cannot function without it. Otherwise it’s just designing, working, reading, eating n experimenting on food that happens on a day to day basis. The hours stretch always with a toddler around ;)

What do you like?
Coffee, reading, going for long walks, spending time with my family, designing, making my miniature gardens...

How is the support system you get from your family?
Family is a great support system that I can always fall back on. Sharing thoughts and ideas with them gives me a vocal opinion on everything from different perspectives. It is also more truthful and helps me in taking the next step. Krishnendu is a purist and does not let me deviate or compromise in any format from my chain of thought , which I feel is highly essential of the overall scheme and success of a brand.

Things that have become a part or extension of you over the time!
I eat, live and breathe design, so most of the times my mind is evolving on everything that I am doing. Its has consumed the whole of me and I try not to come out of it as much as I can. So everything to do with it be it architecture, landscapes or miniature gardens all have become a part of me.

What do you find solace in?
Everything to do with nature gives me peace and solace, The beach, the mountains or even watching the small changes in a tree growing every day, The lovely weather changes in Pune... all brings me happiness and thus solace.

Life on your table is a product that houses plants in a glass enclosure. This enclosure becomes a self sustainable biosphere that essentially does not need any further addition from the outside.
It's based on the ancient science of Wardian terrariums and is a confluence of the art and the science
We create wonderlands that are real.


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