Thursday, 18 April 2013

Banjo Band_

7 days of rigorous work,
21'x4' long canvas,
hand drawn & painted,
to actual scale,
& a 30 deg acute back pain,
makes a Banjo Band_


  1. Explanation please, how, what, where, why, with whom :)
    This looks like a serious project, which probably involved team work, and if it did not, that bears special mention too. Would love to know more about this fantastic piece of work.

  2. Our company 3M was celebrating its 25 years in India so to mark its importance I thought of doing a hand painted graphic to actual scale + use pressed flowers,reflective materials & laminate them all together (a thing that has not been done yet).

    It was just a small conceptual sketch on A4 paper, the actual scale was terrifying at first but got used to it after some days. Then I conceptualized each scene with some humor element & connected to the important products of our company. The whole scenario is like a Rajnikanth movie being celebrated in Indian style (full band baja, pandit, crackers etc)

    Full 7 days of rigorous work was done sitting on the floor, drawing, painting, collecting flowers, pressing them, sometimes in A4 folded paper & sitting on them ;)

    People helped throughout the process, in conceptualizing, coloring & lamination, it was a great time working with new people.

    Got some kick ass response from the company heads & got a official mail saying I am the Hero ;)